jueves, 2 de octubre de 2008

¿Leemos noticias en inglés ?

Acá van unas noticias muy cortas para que todos puedan leerlas. Son muy sencillas y actuales. La consigna es comprenderlas y entregarlas traducidas lo antes posible. Digamos ... una semana .Hoy es 2 de octubre y los espero hasta el 9 para calificarlas.Quizás algunos dias más ... No se pierdan la oportunidad de tener una buena nota. Son muy fáciles de comprender ..Good luck.
Maria Teresa.

Eleventh-hour horse-trading with presidential debate pending
No bailout deal after W. House meetWASHINGTON — Powerful members of Congress yesterday claimed a tentative deal on a multi-million dollar Wall Street bailout plan. But a White House meeting with President George W. Bush, the two men fighting to replace him and congressional leaders erupted into pointed discussions and broke up with conflicts in plain view. Read More

Telpuk contradicts Antonini
Former Airport Security Police (PSA) officer María del Luján Telpuk yesterday said that when Guido Antonini Wilson attempted to smuggle 800,000 dollars in a suitcase coming from Venezuela into Argentina in 2007 he said that the controversial luggage belonged to him. Read More

Chávez to get N-boost?
NOVO-OGARYOVO — Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said he was ready to consider helping Caracas develop a nuclear energy programme after meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Read More

US, Pakistan at odds over border skirmishKABUL
Pakistani soldiers fired at US reconnaissance helicopters that were escorting Afghan and US ground troops along the volatile border yesterday, sparking a five-minute ground battle between US and Pakistani soldiers, officials said. Read More

Cristina in USA
In a speech at the Council of the Americas in New York, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner says that the INDEC National Statistics Bureau is the target of a political smear campaign . The agency has been accused of “massaging” figures. Read More

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Profe yo voy a hacer el trabajo de traducir las noticias.
Un beso

Anónimo dijo...

profe yo voy a traducir las noticias.
nos vemos
belen olarte